Okay, first off, I was surprised to find that I was most excited about eating cheese and wine after the challenge ended…I think before the challenge it would have been sweets.  I have no interest in eating sweets (apart from a few dark chocolate chips)…also don’t tell Ryan because he said he would make me a cake tonight if I got some work done.

I also probably had too much cheese and pasta last night…I wasn’t deprived on this challenge, but I definitely kept to eating proper serving sizes. So that’s where I’ll start, what I learned over the last 24 days.

1.  I need to not only be aware that I’m eating a large serving, but keep to that serving (at least 80% of the time…sometimes seconds are completely worth it!)

2. I need to add more protein to my snacks-protein more than fiber keeps you full!!

3. Exercise 6 days of the week really makes me happy and energized!

4. I feel best when I eat clean, and I know that…but bread, and cheese, and sweets sound like such a good idea all the time!  Why?

5. There is sugar in like everything, just like sodium, hoping to continue to make cuts on my carbs. Most easily done by not eating processed foods…that also means plain yogurt over the flavored stuff.

6. I’m a pretty clean eater over all, I just have to remember to keep serving sizes down and maybe skip a few more glasses of wine.

7. Not sure where I stand on the caffeine front.  It’s not like I cut out caffeine on this program, there was some in my energy pack that I had every morning, and I miss the taste in the mornings, so without guilt I’ll probably go back to coffee!

8. I want to take more gym classes, all the online workouts I’ve been doing reminds me that I like the group atmosphere, now…just how to figure out how to fit some other than spin from time to time in my schedule.

9. I don’t and didn’t weight myself.  I took measurements before the challenge but have not since the challenge ended.  I don’t think I will, because honestly if I don’t stick to clean eating I’ll go right back to my starting point.  But my stomach is currently flatter and more defined.

10. The supplements I took on this challenge, and probably also my cleaner eats, gave me more energy, but also allowed me to sleep better at night!  I no longer had the afternoon slump.  I made it to the gym after work no problem, and still had incredible amounts of energy to give it my all in each exercise. I can’t afford to keep up with the supplement regimen on a regular basis, but I will be doing this challenge once more in March.  I’m going to do my best to eat clean 80% clean from now to March and then back to 100% with the supplements once more.  Curious to see if my energy levels hold over the next month or so.

Have a great weekend.  And kudos to you if you made it to the end of this post, a post with no photos!!