Fell off the wagon last week and ended up buying lunch 3 days out of the week, which isn’t terrible, but I really am trying to keep to packed lunches to save money.  I realized the problem was a lack of meal planning and prep on Sunday-which  I had done the first 3 Sunday’s of the new year.  So pack to meal planning this week.

Sunday-Vegetable Stir Fry

Monday-when I made my meal plan Ryan was out Monday and Tuesday night, my intention was chicken fingers (frozen from Trader Joe’s)…we stuck to my meal plan and Ryan was surprised at how good they were!  Served with roasted carrots and parsnips


Wednesday-salmon with roasted parsnips and potatoes

Thursday-chicken dish

Friday-homemade empanadas and salad

Saturday-Wing it

Groceries-chicken tenders, english muffins, turkey breast/ham, cheese, spinach, peppers, squash, sweet potatoes, yogurt…everything else we have frozen or in the refrigerator

After going grocery shopping I immediately threw together this salad with a side of peanut butter puffins which I snacked on as I prepped the salad.  I love coming home to a fully stock refrigerator.

This salad was amazing and repeated on Monday and again today!

The salad consisted of candied pecans, turkey, feta, green peppers, red onion, carrots-topped with a honey mustard vinaigrette.