1. Easy transportable make your own salad dressing-left over mustard, add some honey, and apple vinegar, shake the container and you’re ready to go!  Added bonus, it won’t spill so easily while transporting for my lunch salads.

 2. Love this silly little chart to finding the perfect wine.

3. Hot chocolate festival at City Bakery.  Ryan and I went on Sunday and had the peanut butter infused-AKA the huge cookie that slowly dissolves in hot chocolate.  Ryan and I shared this decadent treat.

See no cookie.

4. This frame set from Pier One-but Ryan and I decided we could make it a DIY project for a fraction of the cost.

5. This unique muffin combination.

6. And it’s Valentine’s Day…I’m cooking tonight and then Ryan made reservations for a restaurant tomorrow, I’m so excited!