Part 1 of our Valentine’s Day celebration began at Astor Place Wine’s Free Champagne tasting. 4 great Champagnes, but we enjoyed our taste (no purchases) and were on our way.

Once home I put Ryan to work washing dishes while I put together the dinner I prepped the night before.  He also selected to pair dinner with a bottle of wine from our trip to Argentina.

On the menu, appetizers-olives, roasted pepper and goat cheese balls encrusted with pistachios, sweet potato puffs, and manchego cheese. entree-caramelized fennel and prosciutto arugula salad,  and roasted garlic soup. dessert-wedding cake tasting from Milk Bar, gelato, and a dessert box

My favorite of the cake tasting was the mint chocolate chip, pistachio, pineapple upsidedown cake, and the pretzel. Ryan would switch out the pretzel for the chocolate chip-but I think the passion fruit flavor in the cake is too strong.

Part 2 Celebration was at the new restaurant Rosette in the Lower East Side. No pictures, just enjoyed a delicious dinner which was a mix of appetizers and sides.  My favorite dish of the night was the clam chowder croquettes.  Such a clever idea, creamy, crunchy but still felt rather light.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!