Hey all,

Hope you had a great weekend and were able to enjoy some warmer temperatures before they take a dip once more this week.

Although I spent a good portion of the weekend reading and writing, I did step away to spend time with Ryan, the pup, and friends.

Friday night Ryan and I headed uptown to enjoy comfort food in the form of Korean tofu soup, and then met a few friends for jazz at the Jazz Standard. Saturday we were up early to take Mei to the dog park and then headed to the Brooklyn Museum to checkout the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition before it closed on Sunday.

The exhibit was awe inspiring.  His pieces were immaculate and incredibly detail oriented-for example one piece in his mermaid collection took 176 hours!  The pieces were also curated so well.  Each time I walked into a new room my jaw dropped.

All bead work!!

The manikins had screen projections of faces that often spoke and/or sang.  Apparently they were inspired by a play Gaultier saw once summer in France, where all actors were manikins with projections.

Do you remember this dress?

Particularly the hype around using the plus size model as his 2006 muse?  The dress was more beautiful in person, I couldn’t walk away.

So, so glad that I took the time to make it to the museum.

I spent the remainder of Saturday afternoon writing before meeting Dana for Pho at 8:30, and then passed out in bed while watching “The Name of the Rose.” I was surprised to see the entire movie on you tube.  I’ve been listening to the audio book for book club and it was nice to see the movie version to tie together some story pieces that were a little unclear. Though I can’t imagine watching the movie without also reading/listening to the book-there are so many little subtle elements that I would have missed or glanced over if it had not been for the book.

Sunday was really a writing day, also cleaning day for Ryan.  We did enjoy the weather some more with a long walk before the sunset.

And now it’s Monday and back to work (because I wasn’t doing some all weekend ;)).