Not much going on here and despite an extremely low key weekend I still ended up with a looming cold that I’m trying to kick today with lots of vitamin and C and rest, with some tax stuff and writing thrown in the mix.  Hopefully I’ll be good to go and can jump out of bed and back to lab tomorrow morning.

As of last night, I was so excited to bring in a king cake today to share with coworkers. I’ve never seen one in New York and don’t think I’ve had one since my trip to Louisiana in 2008.  Not to say it went to waste.  Ryan, our friend Jodi, and I had a slice last night and Ryan took (since I’m home sick) the remainder to his job.

I used to celebrate Mardi Gras every year in my french classes. My teacher would even order a cake from New Orleans for authenticity.  I guess the excitement stuck with me because I still look forward to celebrating each year in some shape or form.  I mean its the little things in life right, what ever makes you happy.

And finding the little baby in the King Cake makes me happy ;). Ryan got the baby this year, so he has good luck all year long.  He also needs to buy the cake for next year!  Not sure why there is a baby in the cake-see the story here.

We also celebrated Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras on Monday with homemade pizzas.

Which were delicious despite Ryan somehow dropping one and toppings all over a hot oven.  But it was an easy fix.  A little more cheese, mushrooms, and shaved brussels sprouts and it was better than ever.

Last weeks workouts

Sunday-4 mi walk, leg strength and 20 min zumba

Monday-35 min cardio


Wednesday-chest and 40 min cardio

Thursday-“Friday workout”

Friday-40 min cardio

Saturday-“Friday workout” and 3 mi walk