1. This post about top 100 trips to take-

From the list I’ve Walked along the walls of Dubrovnik with my Mom Mom in 2010

Cruised in a car in Havana…will be doing so along the Strip of Las Vegas this summer and will also hopefully get to see the Grand Canyon while I’m out that way.

Will also hopefully checkout the observation deck of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and ride the dunes in a dessert outing in Abu Dhabi when I visit my Aunt in Uncle this fall. Followed by a safari in Botswana and a tour of wine making region in South Africa-I’m already exhausted thinking about this trip, but excited and very fortunate to be given the opportunity.

I’ve gotten a birds eye view of Machu Picchu.

I’ve posed with Christ the Redeemer in Rio-though not the best of photos, I was rushing that morning and am wearing Ryan’s broken glasses because we were looking right into the sun.

Some of the other destinations on this list are giving me some alternate honeymoon destinations ideas for 2015.

2. This article about  Philadelphia, it’s spot on.

3. This hummus spread from Trader Joes, makes for delicious turkey sandwiches.

4. These fiber one gummies.  Fixes my sweet tooth and has staying power…not only if it also had some protein it would be the most perfect snack.

Catch you later!