Ryan and I have been members of a spring/summer CSA for several years, but this year has been our first experience with the winter share.  The food has been plentiful, but as would come to no surprise it’s lots of root vegetables.  For the first couple of weeks we roasted just about everything and made them into soups.  But come March it’s time for something new.  So far I’ve made a vegetable spread and a braised turnip and sage pasta.

The winter share comes every 3-4 weeks compared to every week for the summer share.  But we are given lots of goodies.  I picked up our most recent share last Tuesday.  The share included 1.5 pounds of potatoes, 1 pound of onions, 2 cloves of garlic…

We have no problem using the potatoes, but some of the onions end up going unused and bad (hence the one with the green sprout that I threw out after this picture).

4 pounds of carrots!, 2 pounds of red radishes, 2 pounds of black radishes, and 2 pounds of turnips. We also had a pick of canned vegetables-this time I grabbed the pickles, in the past we took green beans and okra.

We also get a meat and sometimes cheese and yogurt.  This week it was only a meat-2 pounds ground beef.

We also received eggs.

So like I said I made a radish spread with cream cheese, red onion, carrots, zucchini, and a red radish.

I let the cream cheese come to room temperature and then mixed in all of the vegetables along with ground pepper, garlic powder, and a little olive oil.  I plan to use on bagels or as a spread for lunch sandwiches.

Next up I made a braised turnip and sage pasta-a recipe I saw in the New York Times.

Was delicious and so pretty when paired with black ink pasta.

Do you have any suggestions on unique ways to use root vegetables?