First, I went to the Grouplove concert last night.  They were awesome and just as I remember from Firefly 2012.  After rocking out all night long,  I can’t believe I had a voice in the morning.

Before Grouplove there were two openers.  Alex Winston was up first,

followed by MS MR.  Loved her dancing, so fun.

But seriously, can’t express how much fun I had last night. Including Grouplove’s cover of “Drunk in Love.”

Question, who has the better cover?

Okay, perhaps not that hard, Grouplove was pretty sweet.

Well, that was a huge photo dump, so moving on to weekly workouts.

This week

Sunday-worked all day, so just lots of running around the lab

Monday-Rest was so tired that night

Tuesday-40 min cardio and back/chest

Wednesday-30 minute cardio (including a 1.5 mile run, haven’t run in forever) and arms

Thursday-50 minute cardio, including a short run, 2 days this week-yay!

Friday-Circuit training, legs, cardio

Saturday-Circuit training

And last but not least because this post is getting long, Mei’s scary face!

haha, it was the peel off from a facial.  I first used a similar mask during a girls night 2 Friday’s ago and loved how smooth and blackhead free my face appeared, so I tried it out again this week.  I am going home this weekend and will hopefully make a trip to Target in order to pick up a few more.  Also need to get peanut butter and something else but I can’t remember right now, hopefully it comes to me before I go shopping.

Clean face after mask removal.

Have a great weekend!  Will be back sooner than later but as I said I’m going home this weekend, have two papers to review for submission, and hopefully a letter of intent for a grant…yeah, lots of work, but talk soon.