Hey guys,

Well, I had a few minutes to pop in on the blog today because I was hit by a car yesterday.  As a result I’m laying on the couch today, and alternating between ice and heat on my back and legs.  I spent a few hours in the ER yesterday but am otherwise okay minus being achy from head to toe.  I’m very thankful that my injuries were not worse, and very annoyed at drivers who cannot slow down and make note of people in the cross-walk.  My friend was hit a couple of weeks ago, crazy!!

Anyhow, still working on a paper but wanted to upload some pictures from my phone that gives a highlight of my recent “adventures” and eats.

I stopped at Dunkin’ twice this week as a pick me up/get me going, and to try their ice cream flavored coffee. The cookie dough was okay, I much prefered the butter pecan.

While sipping on this coffee I explored the new to me gourmet grocery section at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They have so much of everything. Like every soda flavor,

and so many water bottles,

and chips, I want to try these at some point.

I also enjoyed some 16 handles frozen yogurt on Saturday on my way to work.  One of the few ways I was able to enjoy the warm weekend since I’m inside resting today.

This bordeaux tasting was a couple of weeks ago.  They were all pretty good, we bought a $16 bottle on sale for $14 that we shared with friends the following night.

And last but not least, I made some yummy treats last week with cinnamon chex mix, almonds, and pumpkin M and M’s (leftover from the fall).

Catch you later,