Hey guys,

Checking in quickly to let everyone know I’m recovering well and feel so much better.  My ankle is still tender to the touch but my back is feeling so much better.  I think complete rest over the Easter weekend really helped-as much as I tried to slow down last week lab work needed to get done!

After getting hit and sharing my story I’ve spoken to 5 others that have also been hit!! And then saw this sign that warns walkers to watch for cars-though I really think drivers need to be told to slow down.

So photo dump from where I left you last…

French toast breakfast thanks to Ryan,

followed by some afternoon tea at Harney and Sons.

Last week was the best possible time to be forced to walk slow because it allowed me to fully enjoy the blooming trees and bushes (still had to walk some to get to and from the bus and subway).

Tree when I left the apartment-

A few hours later and opened up so much-

Easter at Rockefeller Center.

And at home in Pa-dinner with my dad’s side of the family Sunday evening before driving back to New York. It was so great to see the next generation all together, even Mei got passed around ;).

The cousin holding the babies is happy than she looks. And the little ones aren’t twins but their mommies had them 3 days apart! How cute are they in their easter best?!

See she’s smiling there in the back.

Another cousin not the daddy.  I don’t know why I didn’t think to get a picture of the little ones with their parents. I suppose they were allowing everyone else to do the lifting-especially this little man, he’s a heavy one.

Off for a work trip for the next week so I’ll catch you all next week.

How was your easter weekend? What did you do?