So I wrote the original version of this post earlier in the week, and came back to the site and it wasn’t here.  Odd right?  Now I think I’m going crazy.

Anyhow, came to the blog originally to say I’m feeling better, my ankle is still black and blue and hurts to the touch and back is achy after too much movement but otherwise feeling better.

Now a quick photo dump before its time for a conference call.

Awesome  french toast made my Ryan when I was immobile on the couch with heat on my back and ice on my ankle.

And walking slowly this past week has given me time to enjoy the blooming trees and bushes.

Just a few hours before the buds were barely open.

A walking break to enjoy some tea from Harney and Sons.

Easter at Rockefeller Center.

And home in Pennsylvania.  Lots of baby time. Or little ones in general…

I think this was the first time my cousin ever held a baby!

And this cousin is much happier than she looks.  These are her niece and newphew after all.  And the babies are not twins, but rather of sisters who had babies 3 days apart.

See she’s smiling there in the back.

Last but not least I’m excited about the new Flour Bakery Cookbook!  My friend Ena has taken me a couple of times during visits to Boston and I would love to get my hands on a copy :).  Carrots’n’cake is giving a copy away on her site.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!