…but it’s another post!!

1. For fellow scientist out there I don’t know how I feel about this article about how scientist should dress.  I definitely enjoy a job where I can wear basically whatever I want but there is something to dressing well.  For the most part I do dress “well” and I think that’s generally the case in my lab. That means casual dresses and skirts, pants other than jeans-and when I do wear jeans I try to dress them up with a nice shirt.  Sometimes I’m way tired and know that I’m strictly in lab for the day-ie. not going to any talks where I need to network or run into a nobel winning scientist.  And on the weekends I’m likely to wear workout clothes so I can run to the gym either in between experiments or at the end of a days work.  These days I’m also working towards my MPH and thus no longer simply in a lab, so that gives me further incentive to dress well-because everyone around me dresses to impress so I have to as well.

2. With so much on my plate it’s easy to NOT take time for myself, but Ryan does a great job in forcing me to do so…the number of May birthdays and birthday celebrations also help.  Actually springtime and the warming weather all help remind me to get outside and breath.

Fun things I have coming up:

May2/3-Wine tastings

May 4-Zombie laser tag for a friends birthday

May 9-My birthday, my cousin’s birthday

May 16-19 Camping

June 6-8-Governor’s ball

June 12-Paulo Nutini Concert

Week June 21-Ryan’s family reunion


Totally forgot about this show let alone its theme song, it was a cute cartoon.


I also thought this was real and got incredibly excited!