Hey ya!

How is it already the middle of May, time never slows down.  But no complaints as the weather has finally turned warm which makes something as simple as walking to the bus that much more pleasant. Even walks in the rain are fun!

Last Friday-May 9th, my birthday, was made that much more special thanks to Ryan (no surprise there)!! He treated me to a massage for my achy muscles and surprised me with a dinner at Fatta Cuckoo surrounded by my friends.  It was a great night.

Backing up a little, and because May is full of birthdays, we celebrated my friend Katie’s birthday on May 4th with Zombie laser tag-the zombies were in character the entire time.  This picture sums it up perfectly.  Fun times.

And this weekend we spent sometime in the great outdoors. The trip started off pretty well with gorgeous weather, the boys setting up the tents, a great campfire, and a 9 mile hike that include several crosses over streams and one steep climb.


But then Ryan saw a tick and then I saw two.  As we were exiting the hike and cheering for a job well done Ryan realized he had a tick on his neck.  I checked Mei more closely and saw she had two on her belly.  Well two turned into 10 as I looked on her legs, which soon turned into 30, 50, 70!  At this point Ryan saw 3 more on his back and we decided it was time to return home. Not back to the campsite, but home!  So in the car we were for 7 hours, but at least we were back in NYC where we could shower and sleep in our own beds.  This, after checking out Mei once more very thoroughly and finding 15-20 more!! I never knew there were so many kinds of ticks, I think we found 4 different kind. All these ticks after using Frontline and tying a bandana around her that was sprayed with repellent.

After returning the car and cleaning out EVERYTHING we stretched our legs with a walk around the east river park and discovered they opened up a new area that included exercise equipment and basketball courts.  Love seeing city projects come to fruition!

And with that I’m off to bed.  Will pop back in this week to say hi so check-in.