The weather here in New York has been great over the last few weekends.  I have taken full advantage and have tried to be out as much as possible!

Biking Governor’s Island:

Governor’s Island recently opened up 30 new acres of beautiful property for the public, which includes an area to lounge on hammocks, as well as several playing fields and picnicking areas. This island also has great views of Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty.

After biking we headed for food.  There are tons of food, beverage, and dessert options available on the island, including some of the city’s most popular food trucks.

After checking our options we decided on pulled pork sandwiches from Mayhem and Stout.  Ryan went with dragon sauce and coleslaw on top of his meat.

I went with pickles and blueberry mustard-although it was suppose to be with kale, the truck ran out :(.  They also have a storefront on 2nd ave.  Hopefully I will have a chance to stop by and try the kale version.

Next up was cool haus-Ryan was most excited about the opportunity to build his own cookie sandwich. He combined butterscotch potato chip cookie with bourbon maple ice cream.  I kept it a little more simple with a scoop of beer and pretzel ice cream.

There has also been some laying around Central Park with a mini bottle of champagne.

And most recently we participated in an 80s themed scavenger hunt that took us to the Ghostbusters’ firehouse.  It amazes me the things I have yet to do in the city! We used Ryan’s phone for the competition.  I’ll see if I can get any off the app we used for the game and put them up on the blog.

Catch you later in the week,