Hey ya’ll,

Coming to the blog briefly to say hello and start sharing the many photos I took last week. Like the last few trips I’m waiting for Ryan to touch up our photos, but they’ll be well worth the wait.  Apparently there are 2000 photos so I’m not sure how long it’s going to take…

For now I’ll start with pictures from our anniversary celebration-via my iphone.

After a week with Ryan’s family in St. George, Utah, we decided to spend an extra night in Las Vegas (Vegas was the closest airport to St. George) to celebrate the anniversary of our first official date.

We were able to get a great deal on a hotel from priceline’s name your own price.  It really works :).  The catch is you have to take any offer made to you.  We asked for a 5 star hotel for $60-that wasn’t accepted but the Aria took $80.  $80 for a 5 star hotel on the strip, not so shabby!

The room was indeed gorgeous.  I loved the blinds that opened as we first walked into the room and the chocolates left on our nightstand at evening turndown.

After enjoying the room for a short while we got ready for an evening in Vegas!  Which meant flats because I broke the heel of my comfy highheels at the wedding on day 2 of our trip :(.  They made walking the strip easy, but I wanted to be a bit more fancy.

First stop for the night, The Michael Jackson One Cirque du Soleil show, which was phenomenal. I was dancing in my seat the entire time and the talent, oh I wish I could dance and flip like the crew.

Next up, dinner at B & B-the restaurant, not the burger place but brought to us by the same awesome cooks.

I kept the camera away during dinner but did photograph these last sweet bites brought to the table.  A selection of cookies.  They know me so well ;).

We ended the night by walking the strip and just relaxing before returning to work and life in New York.

Looking forward to another year with this guy :).