Hope you had a great holiday weekend.  Here’s a look at my weekend and the other things I’m loving lately :).


Macy’s 2014 fireworks included the use of the Brooklyn Bridge this year.  The works that look like a waterfall are coming from the bridge.  It was pretty neat.

As for other things…Love this favorite childhood sandwich (I say childhood because I haven’t had one in forever)-Wednesday’s Crispy Sandwich (make mine a spicy one!).

With a few modifications I might whip these scones up for breakfast:

I wish more of my friend’s hosted parties.  I would love to bring over this cannoli dip.  I also love that it’s served with pieces of waffle cone :).

Last but not least this strawberry and rhubarb crumble I made for 4th of July.

The insides:

And with the topping!

Out of the oven:

And thoroughly enjoyed :).