I’m adding a few more photos from our trip to Utah,  which was more than a month ago!  But better late than never :).

Bryce Canyon (photos thanks to Ryan at TimeinMoments:

As we headed down the canyon we heard the Night Ranger (Park Ranger who stays after dark to talk stars), mention the ability to see the milky way from the canyon.  From that moment Ryan and I decided we would stay until 10:30 despite a 3 hour drive back to our condo.  I mean how often do you have the chance to see the milky way?  Especially if you live in New York City!! Plus it was a great photo opportunity:).

It’s amazing how much light a star-filled night can provide.

Shooting star!

Day 2 we kept it closer to St George (the location of the of our condo) and were able to sleep in a bit-you know til 8am ;), after getting back to the condo after 2 am.  But with the heat in Utah we tried our best to get early starts.

Lava flow at Snow Canyon:

Funky van at the park.  Actually we saw quite a few creatively painted vans while we were in St. George.

After driving around the park we tried to go on a short hike, but after a mile we turned around, it was too darn hot!

After a break from the heat and lunch in the condo, we headed out once more to visit Zion’s Kolob Cayons.

I was trying not to fall in this photo…

Will be back with Day 3!