Day 3 we went to Zion National Park.  There were so many trails to choose from!  We narrowed it down to Angel’s Landing which I don’t know if I could have handled-sometimes I have awful issues with heights so we went for Narrows.  For Narrows we had to rent equipment for walking shoes and water socks.  The shoes provided a decent amount of ankle support and the socks warmth-that water was cold!

This picture is pretty misleading, while there were times when the “trail” thinned out, most of the time we were surrounded by a group or 2.  On the way out there were hundreds of people.  The afternoon crowd was there to play in the water more than hike.  It was a great experience, and talk about beautiful, well I think the pictures do the talking.  We were slowed down by all the picture taking-I would love to go back and just hike so we could make more ground. In about 4-5 hours we probably made it 3-4 miles, I think.

Family photo from that night, before we headed out for dinner.

On day 4 we visited the St. George tabernacle and Brigham Young’s summer home.  That afternoon we went on ATVs.

It was mostly good times. Ryan’s cousins and mom and dad flipped and had some injuries, but thankfully they were okay!

During the ride we had 2 longer breaks where we were able to go on short little hikes and explore the dunes.


It was windy!  Trying to keep my hood up here and show off the print.

We then went to little Hollywood for dinner, and a little acting.  The city of Kanab was once home to all the western movies so we got a little taste of the western movie life and some dinner too.

One more post to come :).