Teen Mom 2, I can’t stop watching!! I think it’s because they have drama and lives so different from my own.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls-I like Zack Efron less after his episode, but the one with Ben Stiller was hilarious, love him!

Penn and Teller: Fool US. This show gives me a new appreciation for magic :).

Last but not least-Last Comic Standing.  Long standing show, 10 years I think! And always good for some laughs.




As for books, they aren’t so guilty and truthfully given my time, well lack of it, they have been books on tape. But great reads that I would recommend all the same.

The Goldfinch. A fictional memoir of a young boy who experiences a traumatic event and how he is able to cope into his adult years.

A Long Way Gone. Another kind of depressing book, but a great story and lesson in world history.  I had no idea of the child soldiers and the wars in Sierra Leone that occurred in the 2000s.

Enjoy your weekend,