Hey all,

I’m ready for a do nothing vacation because I’m not ready to think about deadlines and work quite yet.  That said I did have a great weekend mixed with activity and lots of relaxing.

Friday night Ryan and I had a date night.  We started at Blue Smoke for dinner followed by a 10:20 showing of The Giver-not quite sure how I made it to the end of the movie without passing out. I do think my eyes closed from time to time. Not because the movie wasn’t great, but because I was exhausted! I worked late several days this week and while we had dinner together each night I felt like I was zoning out more than anything so it was nice to decompress and catch up on the week over dinner.

The movie was again, excellent.  They changed a few things from the original story to perhaps make the movie flow better in the time constraint, but overall a great film.  Ryan, who has yet to read the book, also fully enjoyed the story-a much better dystopia film than The Divergent. 

On Saturday after lots of rest, I ran up to lab and then met up with my friend Devin and his new wife.  I went to their wedding reception last weekend but it was great to chat a bit more before they head back abroad.

This afternoon involved lots of cooking, a little cleaning, and a failed attempt to buy new sneakers :(. I’ll share some of the meals later in the week.