Some days all I want is a bowl of cereal for dinner but with a little more time and energy I’ve come up with some nice dinners over the last few weeks.

Most recently, biscuits and gravy made with turkey sausage and green peppers to pump up the nutritional content. 

I’m amazed how creamy the gravy was, I was kinda sad when I took my last bite, I need to make this again soon!

Next up and in order to use the large amount of plums in the refrigerator I made the best plum cake using this recipe, but I opted for coconut sugar and orange juice instead of lemon.  Ryan said it was the best cake ever!

Before adding crumble topping (also added oatmeal for the topping)…oh and I used some natural light for the photo, hence the trees in the background:

After added topping:

And out of the oven!

There has also been mussels cooked with beer, onions, lots of garlic, and beet greens, eaten with a pretzel baguette:

Not the best picture, but an amazing mac’n’cheese with lots of vegetables and the non-traditional pasta.

I think that’s it for now, catch you later!