1.  I realized that Turn Down for What was a Lil John song via a zumba 😦

2. Ryan had to tell me what Turn Down for What meant…umm, I’m getting old? Thanks to Rap Genius for further clarification.

3. Saturday I embraced the song and went wine tasting at Del Posto (5 tastings for $5, can’t beat that!!!).  Then we came home and our local fine goods store had a beer tasting where we were able to try a few differ brews from Grimm.  I loved just about everyone we tasted but I’m still feeling summery so I bought a bottle of the Biere de Miel made with honey from Virginia. While at the shop we also came across a pumpkin cider.  I’ve never seen a pumpkin cider so we bought a few to try later this fall.

That’s it for now, back to work related writing, catch you on the other side of this weekend.