A little bit of everything

1) Music lately. I love Donald Glover/Childish Gambino.  His music is intelligent and his stage presence…well I’ve had a little crush since I first saw him on stage at NYU’s the reality show. At least I’m pretty sure that’s where I first spotted him.  If only Youtube was active in 2004 than it wouldn’t be a question.  It could have been hammerkatz related…

Anyhow, love Childish and I look forward to the release of his new album (Dec 10th) and FX tv show. And enjoyed this interview with him.

2) I’ve been baking, I’ve been baking…cookies to go with the many ice creams I made last week.

3. I’ve embraced pumpkin season and had a pumpkin beer and just a bought a few new ones to try out, I’m excited!

4. Workouts for the week:

Sunday-lots of walking like 6 mi

Monday-60 min cardio

Tuesday-zumba and lower body




Saturday-hitt and strength