1. I tried to do a juice cleanse last week after an extravagant weekend, oh my gosh was it hard! First of all, I picked the wrong day to start. I was running behavior all day and while I brought all my juices with me and kept them on ice, I didn’t have time to drink anything but a sip from 11am-3:30 pm. Not a good idea.  I had the worst headache which I’m sure was a combination of dehydration, hunger, and sugar withdraw.

Day 2 wasn’t much better although I was able to more evenly pace my drinks out.  After the crazy headache on day #2 and an early bedtime, I gave in and ate on day 3.

Despite the awful headaches, I am glad I made it two days using Jus by Julie. My sweet tooth is like non existent.  I am more easily satisfied after a meal. And I just feel so much better. The juices were also delicious! And unlike many other cleanses Jus by Julie includes fiber and protein, a win win. I’m actually ordering some more to just drink because they are so good.

2. Now on the complete end of the spectrum, I’m obsessed with all of the Oreo flavors. With my sweet tooth under control I’ve been able to try just a couple and feel so satisfied and enjoy each. Root Beer is easily my favorite!

3. Rent the Runway opened a storefront, I may never buy a dress again!

4. Thoughts on clothing for Mei for the wedding?

5. Finally workouts.  I have not been to the gym in forever, it’s been all home workouts. Hoping to make it on Friday after I give a presentation!

Sunday-Upperbody and zumba

Monday-4 mi walk


Wednesday-40 min barre

Thursday-lowerbody and zumba

Friday-60 min cardio, back and shoulders

Saturday-60 min cardio, biceps and triceps