I feel like I’ve been running non-stop and while I had planned to work this weekend, my mind had other plans and said, “shut it down!”. So I kept it incredibly low key, did lots of baking, and spent some time with friends.

Saturday night Ryan and I had a couple of friends over for a pumpkin beer tasting and tried to make headway on our puzzle.

The tasting ended up being:

1. Shipyard-My favorite of the bunch. It was a light beer, cinnamon sugar on the nose, light but apparent pumpkin taste.

2. Pumpkin IPA (I forget where this was from, we got it on draft)-more like a pale ale, the pumpkin rounded off the hops very well.

3. Pumkin Shandy from Traveler-another win from this producer!, cinnamon sugar, light pumpkin, and lemon zest all blended perfectly.

4. Redhook Port-My least favorite with no pumpkin taste, the coffee chocolate of the port overpowers any possible pumpkin.

5. Dogfish Head-another favorite, a richer beer than shipyard.

6. Magic Hat-A little sweet for my liking, but still pretty decent. Pumpkin taste to finish/at the back of the tongue, as in it doesn’t immediately hit you.

On Sunday I did some baking, tried to prep some food for the week, and canned!

The baking-pumpkin apple bread.

The canning-Grape Jelly, Quince Butter (made with quince fruit), and Applesauce.

Sunday evening we also visited a local food fair and tried a few different items which ended up being dinner.

Sticky Fingers’ Chicken Fingers

And risotto balls from Arancini Bros. We also had a soft pretzel (unpictured).

Last but not least I took Ryan by Central Perk (the Friends coffee place-I probably don’t have to mention that to most). They made a duplicate coffee shop for the 20th anniversary of Friends.

We didn’t go in because the line was crazy long, like around multiple blocks. But I’m happy with the outside.

Okay gotta finish cooking and then bed!