I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test out and wear both the fitbit and jawbone up.  The former via Ryan who received the activity/sleep monitor from his job as part of a get moving challenge.  I received the jawbone up about a year ago (so not the most recent version) through a mentor to test for a research study I was developing. Below I will outline the pros and cons of both.



-It comes in several colors and the tracking device can be moved to different bands.  Tory Burch even designs for fitbit providing bracelets and necklaces.  They’re pretty darn cute, but I don’t know how practical they would be in the gym.

-The app updates via bluetooth so the device doesn’t need to be hooked up to a computer or phone

-The device buzzes when you reach daily step goal

-The device can monitor sleep quality/quantity (although this is on a very basic level and based on movement)


-Still rather bulky for me and apart from Tory Burch options, not that fashionable

-I’m not a fan of the tapping means to switch the device from active monitoring to sleep. For example I was clapping earlier today and it switched into sleep mode. The device is sensitive to the wrong things!

-I feel like it’s not as sensitive as other devices I have used in the past, that said I have not run an official experiment to test this hypothesis

As for the Jawbone, I blogged about this device about  a year ago.

Pros (apart from the ones mentioned in the link above):

-I love the button option to switch from sleep to active mode

-Cheaper than the fitbit

-Bluetooth option available but it’s more $$


-Not interchangeable, the color you get is the color you have

But that’s it! I much prefer the jawbone.