We celebrated Ryan’s 28th birthday this weekend by going for a hike and enjoying the fall foliage.

We left the city Friday night with a few friends.  On the way to Bear Mountain we stopped by Ambulance Brew House, a dining gem off of the palisades highway.

We ordered a few flights to take a few different items.  My favorite was easily the headless horseman pumpkin.

To eat I had the artichoke and red pepper wrap, Ryan a mixture of tacos.

And the boys, took a few photos to get them both facing me :).

Saturday we went for quite the hike. Not incredibly challenging but rather long. The scenery was amazing and since we weren’t in a rush to return home we took our time and didn’t necessarily stick to a particular trail-not that we let ourselves get lost. By 3pm we made sure we were on our way home.

First, best sight of the day, a turkey in a tree!  I didn’t know they could fly!!

FYI most photos here were by Ryan, check him and his work over at time in moments.

Oddest site of the day, this sign!

The above sign should have been posted about 1 mile before because we heard the guns and had to speculate where they were coming from…I was thinking West Point at first, but realized we were too far away.

Most surprising part of the hike-coming across the remains of Doodletown. The signs were mysterious and far from informative. We had no idea what this Doodletown was or what happened to it, one day there was a community and then by the 1950s it was abandoned. A google search filled in the blanks, but while on the trail we came up with creative ways that described the town’s demise.

After we got back I cooked up a birthday dinner of lemon garlic chicken, purple cauliflower made two ways, and roasted peppers.

Birthday cake was a brownie funfetti cake.  Decadent but so good! Recipe found here.

Waking up in Bear Mountain.

Relaxing Sunday morning before heading to last birthday weekend activity.

Wine making class! Class 1-destemming the grapes.

Pushing down the grapes in the must (freshly pressed juice with skins and seeds still in tub).  Back next week.

Hope you had a great weekend,