Hey all,

This post is a little late, but late is better than never.

Last weekend was Open House New York, an annual event that:

 “promotes a greater appreciation of the city’s built environment;                                 broadens public awareness by exposing diverse audiences to distinctive                       examples of architecture, engineering and design; educates and                                 inspires discussion of issues of excellence in design, planning and                               preservation; and showcases outstanding new work as well as                                     structures of historic merit.”

-OHNY website

We had planned to visit a few sights but work got in the way. We did however, make it to Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT), which is not usually open to the public, and it was a great tour, learned so much!!

BAT was designed by Cass Gilbert, same guy as the Woolworth building, you can see the similarities in the buildings here.

Can you see the old radiator here? I believe this is the part of BAT they plan to renovate and make available as industrial space in the next few years.

And the view from the pier that brought in so many items through Brooklyn Army Terminal, looking rather ominous in the overcast sky.