Hey all!

I’m finally taking a minute to sit down and now I don’t want to get up :(. I still need to pack and get in a workout, but it’s also nice to sit and say hi to all of you!

One of the post I’ve wanted to write for a while compares the convenience cooking services of Blue Apron and Plated.

Both services provide ingredients and step by step picture instructions for unique and delicious meals. Menus include seasonal items and both companies provide a brief description about the prepared meal and its origins.  Both also allow for choices in dietary preferences.

However, Plated allows you to choose the meals that will be delivered on a given week while Blue Apron only allows you to skip a delivery if you do not want the meals that are on your menu for a given week.  For me that meant skipping more than a month since many meals featured tomatoes (for new readers, I’m highly allergic to tomatoes). I wrote Blue Apron to ask about allergies and was informed my only option was to skip a week.

Ryan also noted that the quality of meat provided by plated was much better than that from Blue Apron.  He felt that the steak, for example, provided by Blue Apron had more fat and gristle.

Plated meal:

Blue Apron meal:

Blue Apron does provide the cheaper option of meals, at only $10/person which includes shipping. And despite both providing the opportunity for me to cook original meals at home and save time by answering the question what’s for dinner and gathering my ingredients,  I much prefer Plated.  The quality of ingredients and moreover, the option to choose!

Alright, time to pack.