Continuing to work backwards we spent a week in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe which included a step into Zambia, and an overnight in Botswana at Chobe National Park, and a boat ride down the Chobe River which put us into Namibian waters.

Scenes from our lodge:

Of the 3 part vacation, this was by far the most expensive! It’s completely a tourist trap and as such everything was way overpriced. That said it was well worth our time and I cannot wait until I can go back!

Only negatives of town, the local boys that try to hustle and get you to buy their crafts and Zim dollars. The country no longer uses the Zim dollar, which went into hyperinflation. The country now relies on the US dollar. See here for more details.

Day 1: Arrived in Victoria Falls, relaxed at our rustic lodge, fell in love with the warthogs that nearly game to our back “door” and their cute little piglets, and went into town to pick up a few groceries and eat at Namtuk, a local Thai restaurant that was amazing and well priced. We actually went back on our last day.

Day 2: Game drive where we saw baboons, baby baboons, impala, and Cape Buffalo. After breakfast of an egg sandwich and coffee we went on an intense canoe ride along the Zambezi River. On the ride we saw several crocs, BUT, they never got my adrenaline pumping as they are well fed on fish and just sat there as we approached.The hippos on the other hand are quite territorial and we had to keep our eye out and stay far away. The first time our tour guides spotted a pod of hippos we were told to quickly paddle to and stay on the right bank.

Ryan’s Dad had not yet mastered canoe paddling, like how to make left versus right turns (and instead moved closer to the hippos), and on top of that ended up getting motion sick. As a result the tour guide made an A line to their canoe, had them grab on, and pulled them to safety. At that point we redistributed in the canoes so his dad was with Ryan and his mom with me. From there we saw several more hippos but never came close to danger.

We were then given lunch, returned to the lodge, and relaxed until dinner at the watering hole.

While we originally saw nothing at the watering hole I soon spotted a herd of elephants  walking out of the trees. Very cool!

That’s a lot of photos so I’ll leave it there for now, talk soon!