Continuing with Victoria Falls area…

Day 3: Lions walk. We learned about a lion conservation program, which is working to increase the lion presences in national parks-as lions become targets of poachers, and feline disease their numbers have been declining. At the conservation we had the chance to pet cubs and of course walk with the lions.

Later that afternoon we made our way to Victoria Falls and walked the 16 sightseeing points and then ended up crossing the bridge after lunch to the Zambia side where we watched bungee jumpers.

We then walked across the bridge to Zambia where we caught some bungee jumpers, they tried to get us to join in the fun.  But I a) had no interest and b) it was way expensive.

The best dining in while in the Victoria Falls area came from lunch at the Rainforest Café within Victoria Falls, Namtuk which I mentioned in a previous post, and The Palms at Ilala hotel.

I’ve been trying to keep a vegetarian diet once more. After reading the book Whole, I was reminded of one of the many reasons I became a vegetarian in the first place. However, I did have chicken here and there when the vegetarian dish was tomato based, or when say camping in Chobe and options were limited. That said I had a delicious Cajun chicken sandwich at the Rainforest, Ryan was much more daring and went with the crocodile wrap. We both had a fruit shandy, can’t remember the name anymore.

Ryan’s Crocodile Wrap at Rainforest Cafe:

That night I kept to vegetables with a mushroom pasta dish. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly.

Ryan ended up trying Warthog on this evening.

Day 4: A hike down (and back up) the Bakatuk Gorge and then a visit to a Namdebili village. Loved this trip as well, the hike provided a great opportunity for physical activity and gorgeous views. It also gave us an opportunity to see how traditional Zimbabweans still live. Prior to this visit I thought each hut was the living space for a family, however, it turned out that each acted as a separate room. We were able to see the grain storage and the main kitchen where the family dines together each night. They also have a smaller kitchen and larger huts that act as sleeping quarters for the parents and the children.


Velvet beetles

Hike down the gorge

And back up…

Owner of property we visited.

That night we met up with my family for dinner at Boma which gave adventurous eating the chance to sample all game meat and mopane worms. I wasn’t so impressed with any of the dishes and all the vegetables were way over salted, however, the entertainment made up for the food.

And with that I’ll call it a post because it’s again very photo heavy.