Day 5: Chobe National Park-which included transfer from Zimbabwe to Botswana, a morning cruise down the Chobe where we saw lots of animals up close including Elephants, Hippos, and Crocs. After lunch we went on a game drive where we saw giraffes, lions, and a late night spotting of a leopard. As the sun went down we headed to camp for dinner and to chat and then passed out.

Dung Beetle

Huge cricket! This picture does it no justice.

I found this one online that gives a good size comparison.


Day 6: Early wake up by the birds and Jackals at about 5 am which was fine because our tour guide planned to wake us at 5:30 for breakfast and our final morning drive in the lookout for more cats. Unfortunately we saw none, just more baboons.

Hippo spreading his poo!

After travel back to our lodge, washing up, and lunch, it was time to head back out for our elephant walk and night drive. The night drive was likely my second most favorite activity of the trip. We ended up seeing 3 black rhinos and zebra among several animals in the antelope family. Zebra are absolutely beautiful close up.

Pregnant zebra!


Day 7: Walk in the bush, my favorite activity as it provided a completely different experience from the game drives. I was surprised to see how all animals ran from us, unlike in safari trucks where they just stare or walk around. A man with a rifle (for our protection in the case a lone bull decides to charge-elephant or cape buffalo most dangerous to walkers) is the scariest thing to animals. Wild animals don’t quite understand the concept of a vehicle, as cars have only been around for the last century of so. The walk also gave us a chance to follow tracks, see badger holes, eat African almonds from the poo of elephants, listen and look more carefully-truly a sensory experience. After our morning walk, we returned to the lodge and relaxed the rest of the day and prepared for another day of travel.

 All in all, I would love to come back again soon, however, it might we worth it to go to Tanzania instead? Either way I would plan to do a longer purely game drive/bush walk tour.