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Breaking up the Cape Town post into the sights and the food as we did some fine dining while in South Africa. Post one of the sights.

Day 1: After 2 overnight flights (New York to Cairo, 10 hours in Cairo, and Cairo to Johannesburg), and a flight from Johannesburg to Capetown we finally arrived! After dropping off our bags and relaxing at our bed and breakfast we headed for dinner, grabbed some groceries and called it an early night.

View from the B and B of Table Mountain.

Day 2: We drove to the Stellenbosh region, one of the wine regions of the western cape. We visited four different wineries-Overgaauw and Ken Forrester were easily our favorites.  We arrived at the latter when they were closing but they were kind enough to allow for one tasting, that of their most popular a Chenin Blanc. The wine was full bodied similar to a Chardonnay but with a hint of honey.

I loved every wine at Overgaauw and most were under $20. The staff was also awesome, knowledgeable of course but so warm and friendly as well. Oh and the best part about tastings in South Africa, they’re actually free.  Whereas every other country/region we have visited in the past requires a fee which is sometimes waived with a purchase.

Beyond the wine itself, the region was gorgeous!

The drive to and from the wineries gave many viewpoints of the townships-a nice way of saying slum. While Cape Town is an incredibly metropolitan area the economic disparities are in your face. While racial issues are different then they were 20 years ago, and perhaps progressing much faster than the US especially in the middle class, the poorer blacks and coloreds (a PC term in South Africa that refers to those of lighter skin) seem to be stuck.  The education system is awful, worse than during apartheid, and jobs pay nothing.  Even construction might only pay $25/week. That said the country is still young, so hopefully corruption declines and they are able to find their feet.

Day 3: On day 3 we made our way around the cape including our first stop to Boulders Beach where we saw penguins! And then to the Cape of Good Hope, the “southern” most part of the continent of South Africa. I say the “southern” most part because the actual southern most point is Cape Agulhas. Cape of Good Hope was once thought to be the dividing point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and I suppose the concept of southernmost point stuck. Boats also start moving more eastward than south around the Cape of Good Hope, so I suppose you can believe what you want to believe.  All the same it was beautiful, and windy!!

On the way back we took the scenic route in order to see…

We then headed up to table mountain.

12 apapostles mountain range (I think)

 This guy looks like he’s falling off the wall

Last couple of post to come!