Hey all,

Happy New Year, may 2015 be whatever you want it to be!!

I’m setting up a few goals for the New Year for mental and physical health.

1. Unplug. That is look at facebook a little less and read, especially science papers, a lot more!!

2. Meditate. That goes along with #1. Calming my mind and spending time with my bible.

3. Write. Always a goal, but I need to be better about setting time to write.  The goal for this year is 15 hours a week whether that be 2 or so hours a day or a dedicated day.

4. Stretch. I’m so tight it’s ridiculous. I’ve never been able to stick with yoga but I need to find a stretching program that works for me.

5. Stick to goals. As in work goals, physical goals, and eating. I know that’s general but I set simple targets on a regular basis and want to be better at sticking to them!

And I think that’s it!!!