Cape Town, the food!

I did very little planning for this trip and thank Ryan and my future in-laws for their planning. They are very much foodies and as such some fine dining was in the works while we were in Cape Town.

First up, La Colombe which recently moved from its location in Silvermist organic wine estate at the top of Constantia Nek. Indeed it was a windy drive to the top as we wrapped around the hill with an extremely curvy road, but, well worth it for the views…and food of course.

I went with the pescatarian meal options.  Well really vegetarian menu with seafood options from the menu used when tomatoes were in a dish.

Compliments of the chef, La Colombe’s take on canned tuna.

Bread plate

The main dishes.  It’s been a while so I don’t remember everything, I also took pictures of Ryan’s food which we often shared unless it was meat.

After addition of sauce

I ended up having an oyster cooked in champagne, the chef’s speciality.

Very much Ryan’s…

As a table we made sure to order all the desserts to share!

the cheese plate

Cherry, Chocolate, and Lime Leaf

And Ginger, Mango, Cashew Cake
 Last but not least, and we were stuffed at this point! The first on the left beetroot licorice, tobacco truffle (had a spicy smoky finish), and carrot ginger chew.

We also went to the Test Kitchen on our second to last day in Cape Town for lunch. I enjoyed every bite of that meal and was impressed with their take on the vegetarian courses. For example, a tofu dish looked just like the sweetbreads dish.


Again a mixture of my plates and Ryan’s.

This scallop, was Ryan’s, but I wish it was mine…I had a bite and it was perfectly cooked!

Either sweetbreads or tofu, they were made to resemble each other.

Ryan’s pork belly.

The main courses, the line fish (catch of the day)

and Ryan’s duck.The

The dessert, again my favorite part!! Oh my gosh this was amazing with so many little taste, consistencies, and temperatures.  Think rum foam, coffee granita, banana…

Dessert option #2 more fruit than chocolate delicious all the same.

Final dessert option, bread plate.

And with that we conclude my trip to Africa.  Sorry for taking nearly a month to get them all up, but I wanted to share enough photos to give detail without boring you.

Back to regularish 🙂 blogging.