It’s raining, yuck.  Worse it started as freezing rain which led to pile ups all up and down the northeast. As a result I postponed travel to Pa and have a few minutes to sit, and kinda relax…as always work has me stressed which has made keeping to my goals rather difficult.

Let’s revisit now before we get much further into the new year.

Unplug. That is look at facebook a little less and read, especially science papers, a lot more!! I’ve been better about this one.  Even listening to fewer podcast and instead trying to listen to my own thoughts.

Meditate. I’ve also been okay with this one. Fewer podcast also means time to be in my head and reflect on reasons to be thankful each day.

Write. Actually really good on this one…hope I can continue to do so into the year.

Stretch. I did well with stretching/yoga until returning to work on the 5th.  I did like none last week but as a result included many more sessions this week.  I think I did some level of stretching 5 times this week!

Stick to goals. And this is where I failed!!! Probably because it wasn’t specific enough. So I’m going to make it specific and meal related. One cheat day a week, that’s it! This week (as in Sunday) that came in the form of leftover cinnamon babka, which was delightful and I enjoyed every bite. Leftover from babka french toast Ryan made yesterday after a Friday night out full of fried food…all delicious. BUT not what I need for my wedding body.  So, I’m not saying no all together but sticking to once a week until I drop a couple of pounds and get some definition.

Actually I will be cheating tomorrow as well because we will be tasting our wedding menu and then a cake tasting later in the week.  But those are obviously special circumstances…ah this is going to be hard…