To keep accountable posting workouts from the last couple of weeks and plans for this week! With some music mixed in for fun!

Week of January 4th-Only 2 days of official workouts, thankfully I also walk a good amount to and from work. Sunday-Insanity, Tuesday-Resistance training (though this was a great workout that kept me tight for 3 days!)

Week of January 11-

Sunday-plyometrics, leg work, yoga 20 minutes

Monday-medicine ball work, bachata, yoga 20 minutes

Tuesday-20 min zumba, 20 min barre


Thursday-45 min ET, bachata


Saturday-plyometrics/kickboxing for 45 minutes, chest/back weights

Week of January 18-

Sunday-cardio mixture of plyometrics/zumba, legs weight


Tuesday-45 min cardio, bachata

Wednesday-resistance, bachata


Friday-plyometrics, spin

Saturday-upper body weights and pilates