1. Wahoo, 4th post of the week! Counts as something I love 🙂

2. Tasting for the wedding!! Went back to Pa on Monday and met with a florist and went to our dinner tasting.  The menu and linens are all set 🙂

3. This story. I need to cut down on the trash in my life. I need to look into the composting options that are near my apartment…

4. Vegan whipped cream-made with coconut cream. I always forget how yummy this is, I could eat it all day.

5. I’m gonna make a batch of these as a quick breakfast option.  Last week I made a frittata which I cut up and was able to grab as a healthy protein filled breakfast.

6. Last but not least, I want to try this cinnamon roll recipe which is yeast free (I’m suppose to limit yeast intake due to mold allergies). I just need to get my hand on some spelt flour. I already have the coconut sugar and oil!