Hey all,

While Manhattan wasn’t hit as hard as expected I fully appreciated the extra day off especially since I ended up working both Saturday and Sunday. I worked until lunch and then read for pleasure-haven’t done that in forever. I should have written but I needed some mental health time. It was seriously awesome to stay put and not worry about being somewhere at a given time.

Sunday-resistance treadmill routine/30 minute yoga stretch

Monday-legs, 30 minute yoga stretch

Tuesday-rest day/20 min yoga for strength

Wednesday-plyometric routine/yoga stretch

Thursday-strength/yoga stretch


Saturday-elliptical 45 min

As you can see I’m really trying to get the yoga in there this week. I’ve been starting with 20-30 minute videos from youtube and search for yoga for back pain or yoga for hip relief or yoga for beginners if I want more strength. 60 min/90 min videos are intimidating and I can easily make an excuse about not having enough time. But 20/30 minutes I’ve got that…eventually will move on to a longer practice just a few times a week.