This week in container meals, as in how I am trying to get all meals together on Sunday to make the rest of the week easier.

Monday breakfast-overnight barely, granola, frozen berries, and walnut soaked in almond milk. Picture taken the night before so berries are still frozen.

Lunch for one day this week-salad:

Cut up vegetables to go with egg salad for another day’s lunch:

Dinner for a late night home, which is most night’s this week-barely, roasted broccoli, parsnips, and then added some grilled chicken…plus extra parsnips:

Homemade coleslaw and carrot cake breakfast cookies:

In other news I went shopping hungry and bought the red velvet with cream cheese oreos and entenmann’s valentine’s cake which brought back memories from when my grandmother used to buy the entenmenn’s valentine’s cupcakes. Both delicious in my opinion. I actually forgot how good entenmenn’s baked goods are…