Yay, you still come visit the site, thanks so much for continuing to check back. It’s been a crazy couple of months but another thesis is submitted and a few papers should be following soon.

But let’s talk about this beautiful weather! When I last posted it was still like this outside.

And now pollen is everywhere!

We enjoyed the coming of spring last Saturday with a 32 mile walk around the perimeter of Manhattan as part of the Great Saunter. The walk is put together by Shore Walkers and is their largest annual event. 32 miles was no joke, but I really enjoyed the experience, yet another way to enjoy NYC. To prove how crazy we are I think we’re going to do another 30 mile walk in a couple of weeks.

Shore Walkers mail your badge in the mail with optional in person registration if you want to pick up goodies like breakfast and a hat. We opted to start on our own and left our apartment with the intention of hitting the official start marker by 7:30am. To that extent we also started the race a little early at the Brooklyn Bridge…that way we would make it back home in time to pick up Mei for her evening walk.

By 7:55 we hit Tribeca and ran into several other walkers.

By 9:45 am we made it to the upper west side.

And by 12pm the GW bridge.


And by 1:30 we made it back to the eastside. We were like yay halfway there…but this is also when our legs started to feel the miles.

I believe this was about 96th st

~23rd st

Close to the williamsburg bridge!

And done! back home about 11 hours later and 72744 steps!!