Hey all,

I’m making use of the final push til summer to shred a few pounds and tone up. Then it’s wedding dress fitting #1 and buying a dress for the wedding dance. Would love if I could find something with a top similar to that worn by Taylor Swift at tonight’s billboard music awards.

As an incentive I’m A) posting here and B) taking part in a diet challenge.

Also really loving this dress cut:

Anyhow workouts planned for the week will be back to post eats, goal is lots of protein with one cheat meal/week.

Sunday-long walk with Ryan and pup, 20 minutes of yoga to stretch (rest day)

Monday-arms (using Tone it Up) and spin class

Tuesday-5 mi walk and tone it up kettlebell routine with short pilates or/yoga to recover

Wednesday-legs and spin

Thursday-barre workout

Friday-Hiit and upper body

Saturday-cardio and 30 min pilates