How are we already entering July? 2 months until the wedding and so much to do!! Planning a wedding is seriously another job.

That said popping over here and hoping to get back to regular blogging because Ryan says he misses the updates and being able to refer to life events.

Biggest life event this past month, my sister graduated from high school. It brought back so many memories from my own graduation (from the same school) 11 years ago!

It was also the month of music festivals with Governor’s Ball and Firefly!

So much mud at Firefly!!

There was also a weekend in the mountain with friends.…we never got a group photo 😦

But I did get this cute photo of Sarah and Tim!

And the food, I took pictures of the food! Dinner was centered around Cava and California Chardonnay.

I want this grilled shrimp back in my belly :).

And so much chicken!

And of course lots of veggies because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ryan at work…

I think that’s it, lots going on as always…will try to document more wedding stuff this month because I know I’ll want it in the future…even if I don’t want to take the time now…

Come back soon!!