Surprise, I made the time to blog and of course it’s been 5ish months so I hardly know where to begin…I kinda want to just say-hey, this is what I’ve been eating…but it’s been a lot of Blue Apron so that’s probably not too exciting. The honeymoon, however, that was fun, and I don’t think I’ve shared too many of those pictures with people virtually or in person…so I guess that’s a pretty good place to begin ;)!

Like all of our international travels I can hardly recap in a single post, and this trip was a whirlwind.

After a 15 hour overnight flight we landed in Taipei for our 7 hour layover. We landed way early-5/6 am so it wasn’t really practical to leave the airport for even a quick round of sightseeing.

Instead we wandered around the airport, which kept us quite entertained. They even had an area to play video games for free!

After stretching our legs and getting in our daily steps (before another 6 hour flight) we found a closed off tranquil area to kick up our legs (something we couldn’t even do on the plane) to read and rest.

Then Ryan decided to give some Taiwanese airport food a try-pork belly ramen. I think I stuck with a coffee and trail mix (brought from home), because the food on our flights was actually pretty good and I was not hungry.  

After another 5-6 hour flight we landed in Denpasar, Bali and then spent 30 minutes looking for our driver 😦 There were so many private drivers and taxi drivers at the tight welcome area. But at last we connected and were quickly driven to our hotel-The Laguna in Nusa Dua.

(views from the plane as we landed in Bali).

I absolutely loved The Laguna.  It was a perfect first stop for our honeymoon. The hotel was located among other 5 star hotels and in walking distance from the Bali Collection-basically a mall with lots of commercial shopping and dinning options. We dined at the Bali Collection once, nothing to write home about, but it was nice to have an alternative to the high priced hotel food options when we didn’t want our driver to pick us up. The Bali Collection/hotel area was one of the few areas with sidewalks which provided a means to safely walk around. As usual I’ll have a more food oriented post to come.

Upon hotel check-in we were greeted with a freshly made fruit juice and then taken up to our honeymoon suite, which included chocolates, chocolate bath scrubs, and rose petals in the large tub. The roses in the tub were the best!-silky feeling water that smelled like heaven.

More local treats to snack on…

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening exploring the grounds of the hotel and had dinner.

The next morning we started our day with a two-hour long couple’s massage, which included a full body massage, body scrub, and rose petal bath. They have you strip all the way down and provide disposable underwear so you can go straight from massage table, to shower, to bath tub-all located in the same room. Definitely a new experience, but I quickly got over the two women in the room seeing a lot of skin and enjoyed every minute of the experience. We ended up doing one other couple’s massage on our last day in Bali-this time a 3 hour massage which included a facial and a milk bath instead of rose petals. The rose petal bath was better, but how often do you have the option of a milk bath. Especially one where you don’t have to do the clean up! Massages by the way, so cheap in Bali.

After our relaxing morning we headed to the Uluwatu Temple. Balinese adhere to their localized version of Hinduism, compared to the majority of Indonesians who are muslim. However, they are extremely respectful of all religions and allow all to enter temples given you respect the religion which includes wearing a sarong.

The area was full of monkeys. Apparently nasty moneys who will snatch sunglasses, hats, and hair clips-of which we removed all and left in the car. The monkey below found a little girl’s shoe that had a fake candy bow. He apparently thought it was real candy and worked on taking off the “candy” and trying to unwrap it. Once he realized it wasn’t candy he moved on to see if any piece of the shoe was edible.

On day 3 we relaxed in our room for a couple of hours before taking our first SUP (stand up paddle board lesson). After learning in the ocean, as in a wavy body of water, I think I can handle a lake no problem!

Ryan ordered congee (rice porridge) with all the fixings and I had the best egg whites. Seriously, I need the secret for flavorful egg whites! We also had cappuccinos on the side. Any form of coffee was free for room service 24/7.

Hi birdie!

After SUP (no pictures) we enjoyed the pool along with some local fruit including snake fruit.

Snake fruit it the most interesting thing, looks like garlic cloves once the skin is removed but taste like an apple-not a super sweet one.

Day 4 we stretched our legs in the morning with a beach stroll.

See large figures in the background of the photo…

…here they are up close ;).

Along with a few elephant statues near a small temple we came across.

Before heading out for a three hour drive to the Jatiluwih rice terraces.

Peanuts for sale…

On the way we passed many other rice fields…

And made a stop halfway at another temple.

Before leaving the area of the temple I ran to the bathroom-first experience with squatting potty.

We also made a stop at the Butterfly Park. I wasn’t initially sold on the idea of visiting the park but our driver kept suggesting we go. I was so glad we did! I’ve never seen such large/beautiful butterflies and moths.

Apparently they loved me because I was so calm (the handlers words not mine ;)).

Adding a picture of large stick bug for good measure.

And at last the spectacular views of the rice fields from the Jatiluwih area. We times our arrival to get some beautiful sunset photos, unfortunately the lighting was quite tricky so we only got a few.

This post is getting rather long, so I’ll take a break here and get back to you!