Hey readers,

Welcome back for part 2 of the honeymoon and conclusion of Bali adventures, food still to come.

On our second to last day we ended up checking out a timeshare-like program. I’ll spare you the details but share some pictures because they did have a nice property overlooking the Indian Ocean.

View from the bar-K=Karma group.

Trip down to beach (we were in a lift).

Once we convinced the salesmen we were not interested in purchasing a share we collected our meal voucher and met our driver who took us to the Ubud region. An area full of beautiful artwork including wood carvings.

We also tried the Luwak coffee (among others) while in the region. Luwak coffee is a specialty of the area. Basically raw coffee beans are eaten by the Luwak cat. The beans are then collected from the animals waste and processed.

While I was not willing to spend the $$ to buy an entire bag I did buy a mugful which Ryan and I shared. The $8 mug was well worth the purchase because: A) when am I going to have a chance to try this coffee again, B) the idea didn’t creep me out, I mean Ryan and I ate an almond out of elephant waste a year before and the digestion process is an awesome roaster, and C) we got to try many other coffees, teas, and a snack for free!

Once the sunset we went to see a Legong Dance performance, both the music and dancing were beautiful. The fine movements of the dancers including eye, finger, and toe movement added so much emotion and detail to the story telling.

The final day we enjoyed from sunup to sundown, with more SUP, 2nd massage, and a delicious seafood dinner on the beach!

Other random photos during our time in Bali…

Remember the squatting toilet? Well western style toilets are becoming more common given the number of Australians who call the place home/frequently vacation. We frequented many local restaurants during our trip including one “fancier” (in quotes because fancy for locals) restaurant that had a western style toilet. To avoid confusion on proper use they explained how to use with photos:

Finally posting in hotel, important, but also kinda scary to think about…

Amazing eats from Bali to come in next post!