Continuing the honeymoon post…the food post!!

We ate at a mixture of places:

-Hotel: buffet the first night (the worst of the hotel dining options), fine dining on the beach night two (pictured below), and a few breakfasts delivered to the room (best hotel priced item)

-Bali collection: one night for dinner, not pictured-I think we ate american that night or maybe rice and fish, and free salad bar. The salad bar, well that and live music, were the restaurant’s selling points. There are so many restaurants in Bali Collection with similar prices and food options, so all the hostesses stand by the walk way trying to lure diners.

-Local eats: thanks to our lovely driver we were able to experience several local places that were inexpensive. FYI we hired a driver for the week to take us all around, again very affordable option in Bali and easier than worrying about taxis all the time. Plus he watched out for us-regarding shopping and dining options.

First of cheap Balinese eats:

Wish I had a picture of the layout of various restaurants, but basically they give a wicker plate with a layer of paper and started you off with a cup of rice-white or coconut rice. Then you point to the selection of dishes available until you’re content. Most dishes were tofu, vegetable, or seafood based and then made in different sauces like curry coconut, spicy peanut, or simply sauteed or steamed.

My plate, don’t remember exactly but I think coconut tofu, steamed cabbage, a broccoli dish, and a string bean like vegetable with peppers. The latter had a nice kick of heat/spice.


Ryan’s plate:

Layout of the restaurant, minus the area where food was ordered. Lots of locals including Australian surfers.

Different day, another lunch at a similar type of restaurant-and only Indonesians minus us. This plate and the sweet treat came out to less than a US dollar! Ryan of course had more food and a fruit drink so I think his total was 3 or 4 dollar, so expensive ;).

With all our lunch savings we splurged on a couples dinner on the beach-5 courses including 2 with lobster. Not usually a huge lobster fan but the island had 2 kinds of lobster that I had never tried before, a little sweeter than Maine lobster, and it was incredibly tender every which way we had it prepared.

After a late night return to Nusa Dua Ryan wanted dinner, I wanted sleep. Our driver made a quick stop at a Chinese restaurant. Indonesian Chinese not the same as American Chinese. I wasn’t planning on ordering anything but this menu sold me and I ordered a small order of noodles.

On our way to the rice fields we stopped to get more seafood, this time more river based than ocean based with a river fish similar to trout.

Our driver:

String bean like veg, grilled fish, grilled prawns, and grilled clams with an interesting sauce on top, plus coconut rice in the basket.

Upon returning to Nusa Dua that evening we stopped at the following restaurant where Ryan enjoyed fried fish (skin, fins, and all) and fried chicken, I kept to the veggies and some awesome fried coconut rice.

On our last day we made use of our food voucher from the time share talk-like the Bali collection it was tasty but nothing special.

Fried rice, grilled prawns and squid, and coconut water:

The final night we went to Jimbaran Bay to enjoy one last seafood dinner while watching the sunset.

Here we had grilled octopus, lobster, string bean like veg (I wish I learned the proper name), and rice. All proper meals in Bali should have rice :).

I’m kinda glad it took 5 months to write this post, it’s been fun reliving the honeymoon through these photos.

New Zealand here we come!