Hey readers,

Google is really trying to make it hard for me to share with you! First it changed formatting so I couldn’t directly upload photo links on chrome. Now I had to download another app to “easily” transfer photos from my photo to my google photos, to the blog. Le sigh!!

Anyhow, coming over here to share some new music that I’m loving via recent and upcoming concerts.

Andra Day at Webster Hall:

I was actually introduced to this musician via this year’s Grammy performance. I immediately looked to see if she was performing in New York and was surprised to see tickets available at Webster Hall. How!? She should be selling out much larger venues. Not that I’m complaining. I loved seeing her in a more intimate setting, and she did not disappoint…well minus not taking the stage until 10pm (I believe doors were officially at 7).

In addition to covering her catalogue of music, she also performed a number of covers.   I’ve never seen an artist give such a personal spin on popular songs. For example, she did an entire medley of Michael Jackson classics, but it was like Michael Jackson on jazz.

Next up was the Santigold performance at Hammerstein Ballroom. This was my first time visiting the venue for a concert-I had previously visited when trying out a church. Not a fan of Hammerstein, the sound wasn’t the best, and the security was THE WORST. I mean no gum? people had to throw out gum, so silly.

Santigold, on the other hand was just as amazing as the first time I saw her the summer of 2007.

The concert was one huge dance party fueled by her amazing dancers.

Next concert will be by the band Hippocampus, which I discovered thanks to Spotify’s weekly personalized Discover playlist. Probably my favorite feature of Spotify at this point, otherwise I think Tidal has my music streaming $$.

And last but not least RIP to Price. I was in utter shock when my mom notified me by text. He was one of the first musicians I remember listening to as a kid. From my dad watching the Purple Rain movie to dancing the night way with my mom to “1999.” I’m still hoping it’s not true.