Hey all-

Big birthday milestone coming up, I’m gonna be 30 on May 9th!  To celebrate Ryan and I are taking a long weekend thanks to  a great deal we found for Sint Maarten.  I’m so excited to get some sun and layout by the pool/beach. Minus the fact that Ryan just told me it might be raining the entire time…let’s hope that changes by Friday.

In an effort to look my best as a 30 year old in a bikini 😉 and as a means to stay accountable here are my workouts for the week.

Sunday 5/1-45 min constant pace cardio and 30 min yoga

Monday-walk and arms

Tuesday-interval training and legs 

Wednesday-spin and barre

Thursday-45 min constant pace cardio and yoga sculpt



Sunday 5/8

Monday 5/9 birthday!



Fingers crossed for no rain!