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3rd post this week, wahoo!

Last weekend Ryan and I drove up to Portland, Maine to celebrate his parents’ birthdays-April 1 and May 1.

After ~5 hours in the car we arrived, checked into our hotel and walked over to Portland Flea-for-All. I was rather disappointed with the market based on reviews. I was expecting it to be larger and many of the items seemed overpriced. There were a few good furniture pieces but nothing to write home about.

We headed back to the car and drove over to Allagash for our 4pm tour and beer tasting. Allagash’s brewery is located near a few others so a quite a few people had been making their rounds. Over the weekend we only checked out 2 breweries but Maine currently has >50.

Not pictured here, but my favorite room housed old Jim Beam barrels used to make their Curieux beer. As our tour guide stated, they need to replicate the smell of that room in the form of a candle.

At the end of the tour we had the opportunity to taste 4 different beers including the Curieux.

After the tour we headed to a seafood heavy dinner at Eventide Oyster Co. Unfortunately no pictures. We ended up sitting outside in order to be seated in an hour instead of two, but despite jackets and a heat lamp it was still quite chilly. As a result I was only thinking about eating quickly so we could return to warmth. After dinner we headed over to …for a little jazz before calling it a night Blue.

The next morning we grabbed brunch from Sprouts. I ordered an egg scramble with nitrate free bacon-it was the best bacon I’ve ever had, and home fries-also the best. The home fries were crispy on the outside with a soft inside and flavored perfectly. Also with my meal I had a glass of their homemade ginger kombrewcha and grabbed this chocolate peanut butter vegan cupcake for later. I’m ready to drive back to Maine for both!

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving and walking around to see the many lighthouses of Portland. I believe there are 17 that are in the vicinity of Portland,  we hit about 7 of the 17. Unfortunately, we came to Maine a week before the tourist season began  so we were unable to go inside any. Similarly all the historical houses were closed. Thankfully 4 of the lighthouses we could visit are on park land and thus the grounds were open.

On the hunt for a nice slab of slate.

This mansion was built in the 1800s, shame it wasn’t better preserved.

Since we had a late lunch we opted to keep it light with some cheese, hummus, crackers, and fruit. Eaten in the car because it was too cold for us outside. That said, for New Englanders it was clearly summer because many were already in shorts and flip-flops despite only being 48*!

After our snack and another short walk, Ryan surprised his parents with a paint night. I had so much fun when I took my mom to a similar night for her birthday, Ryan wanted to share in the enjoyment.

Then we headed to Central Provisions for dinner. Again no pictures because I’m out of practice of taking pictures of my food :(.

But I did take pictures of the street which was so cute. And the food, by the way, was also amazing. Everything was delicious!!

For our final morning, we went to a mead tasting before heading to lunch. I wasn’t so interested, I’ve had mixed experience with mead (a fermented honey) in the past. In the end, so glad we stopped by, it was delicious! Better yet, unlike a bottle of wine, once open, a bottle of mead can last a long time so we can leisurely sip.

Before dropping the parents off at the airport we headed back to lighthouse #1 where we spotted the Lobster Shack.

We ordered a medium shrimp basket and a crab roll, which came with fries and coleslaw. Everything was delicious minus the coleslaw which was oddly sweet. Mom also ordered a huge slice of strawberry rhubarb pie which we shared, well I took a few bites. The first was yummy but then it became way too sweet.

After saying our goodbyes, Ryan and I started making the way back to New York. After about an hour drive we got out to stretch our legs and walk around the town of Newbury, Ma. The old port city was on just about every list of places to visit in New England. While quiet, again it’s definitely the off season, the town was cute and I loved seeing all of the well preserved old buildings.

Including the Customs House. Just wish it was open :(.

After another 4 hours we stopped for dinner before heading to Bear Mountain for our lodging. We were in very suburban New York but found an Italian restaurant based on Yelp reviews. The food was delicious and the portion sizes were huge, Ryan and I ended up eating them the next night with a few more veggies thrown in for good measure.

Our original plan was to drive back to New York on Monday so we could hike on Tuesday and return the car with plenty of time to spare. Instead, it rained.  We had just enough time in the morning to make it to the main lodge for breakfast and pack up the car before the downpour.

Our lodge:

Walk to the main inn:

We were sad to see that the trash was not better maintained. I mean it’s a park, called Bear Mountain. Thankfully, we only saw vultures picking through the garbage and not bears.

On to the next adventure!